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Data Science – a new field of study in Lublin

20 January 2022
W tym semestrze ruszył nowy kierunek studiów II stopnia na Wydziale Ekonomicznym Uniwersytetu Marii Curie - Skłodowskiej. Interdyscyplinarny program studiów, This semester saw the launch of a new second-cycle course…

Britenet will develop an ESF Monitoring System for the Ministry of Funds and Regional Policy

10 August 2021
The contract that Britenet signed in mid-July with the Ministry of Funds and Regional Policy (MFiPR) is worth over 9 million PLN. Cooperation will consist in providing services of construction,…

2021 Top Trending Machine Learning Topics

Digital transformation is paying off, and IT companies are now offering flexible collaboration models in response to the increased demand for the skills of IT professionals. Here are this year's key…

Safety of the Walletmor payment implant confirmed by ISO tests

8 July 2021
Polish-British start-up Walletmor has confirmed the safety of its payment implant with further scientific research. The latest tests carried out by the renowned Konmex BioLabs laboratory confirmed that the implant…

Microsoft teaches AI using GitHub project Copilot

30 June 2021
Microsoft has launched an artificial intelligence that will suggest lines and sometimes entire blocks of code when programming. The project has been dubbed GitHub Copilot. GitHub Copilot is more than…

ICT services as one of the pillars of Orange Polska’s business

29 June 2021
Orange Polska has announced that it will strengthen its position as an ICT solutions integrator. It intends to grow this business by 10 percent a year - as announced in…

Women Leadership 2021 – report launch

25 June 2021
Only 6% CEOs of the world’s biggest companies are women. In Poland women make up about 15% of board members in listed companies (the EU average is 25%), and they…

European research laboratories and institutions dealing with artificial intelligence (AI)

13 May 2021
There have been some monumental achievements in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) over the past year. There are many exciting research labs and universities in Europe that are pushing…

Artificial intelligence (AI) experts urgently needed

10 May 2021
Poland ranks 24th in the ranking of AI practices saturation in the European Union (share of specialists among the total workforce). Taking into account Central and Eastern European countries, it…