Microsoft teaches AI using GitHub project Copilot

Microsoft has launched an artificial intelligence that will suggest lines and sometimes entire blocks of code when programming. The project has been dubbed GitHub Copilot.

Grafika przedstawia funkcjonowanie projektu GitHub Copilot

GitHub Copilot is more than autocomplete variable names or lines of code according to a pattern. The artificial intelligence model is able to analyze the context of a task and generate matching code in a split second. It is even able to convert comments into code – the programmer just needs to write what he/she expects and the AI will do the programming. In addition, GitHub Copilot has the ability to suggest alternative solutions to a problem and will suggest entire functions that perform the task in different ways. Of course, it is also capable of auto-complete code that repeats itself to some extent. Microsoft’s artificial intelligence can also help in testing larger projects. After importing a unit test suite into a project, GitHub Copilot can suggest which tests are worth running and which ones fit a particular implementation. GitHub Copilot can theoretically run in various IDEs, but Microsoft has provided a plug-in for Visual Studio Code editor for now. The basis of GitHub Copilot is the OpenAI Codex model. The AI can handle code completion in Python, JavaScript, TypeScript, Ruby, and Go.