It events in Lublin

There is a number of diverse initiatives undertaken within the Lublin IT Upland project. Are you dreaming of becoming as successful as Bill Gates? Are you fascinated with cyberspace or social media? Or maybe you’re taking your first steps in entrepreneurship or you want to make your own video game? Some initiatives have been presented below. Thanks to them you can meet more experienced people sharing similar passion.


Lublin IT Upland encourages students learning in Lublin to pursue IT career. And they are catching the bug! This decision may exert considerable influence on your life – your future career may be related to the IT sector. This event, which takes place during Lublin IT Upland Days, will provide you with insight into what software developers do and why it pays off to choose an IT-related course.

If you deal with social media professionally, you should mark all Thursdays in your calendar in red. You must simply not forget about the most important meetings about social media business area. You will find out what the latest trends in social media are and you will meet people who belong to the best “content” of Lublin.

dev.js Lublin is a community of frontend enthusiasts established in Lublin, from where it has grown to the whole of Poland. The group brings together HTML5, javascript, CSS, ReactJS, NodeJS, AngularJS, PHP, Polymer programmes and IT students. Our primary goal is to exchange knowledge among community members and to enable them to develop their technical skills.

EXPERT SUMMIT – All about Microsoft technologies is the biggest conference devoted to Microsoft technologies in Poland. It is aimed primarily at IT professionals seeking to find themselves in the world of newest technology, tools, and business. The event brings together enthusiasts of new technologies, programmers, designers, database designers, project managers, security professionals, network administrators, and business professionals. It is the only such accredited event in Poland providing the highest level of lectures conducted by the most outstanding specialists in their respective fields.

It is a community of women who love new technologies – programmers, graphic designers, project managers, start-ups and many others. The goal is to promote women in IT, build community, and motivate women to start their own companies and projects. For foodies, we have information that at the meetings you can try carrot cake.

If children can celebrate Children’s Day, why would IT specialists be less privileged? For this reason, Koło Naukowe Informatyków KUL (Scientific Group of IT specialists at Catholic University of Lublin) and the group organize an annual holiday of Lublin IT sector during which the most innovative IT solutions are discussed. It is also a great chance to meet all people who are active in the Lublin IT sector.

Would you like to make a video game that would outshine “The Witcher”? If so, you must show up at the meetings of Lublin video games makers.

Are you looking for some space where you could show how creative you are? Makerspace Lublin is perfect for you then. You can meet a lot of people fascinated with the DIY idea who care about the development of the city and its citizens through education in the field of new technologies.

Microsoft Cloud Group Lublin to is a community of .NET and cloud enthusiasts supported by Microsoft.  The group brings together .NET, DevOps, Microsoft Azure programmers, architects, project managers, software testers and IT students.

The most brilliant ideas are the ones that change the world. These ideas are also produced in Lublin. Attention to fresh initiatives is paid during periodic TEDx meetings. You will hear the most inspiring stories that can change the world around us.

Women Techmakers Lublin is a community of technology enthusiasts, an independent group supported by Google. The group brings togetherJAVA, Android, php, HTML5, AngularJS programmes, testers, project managers and IT students Our primary goal is to increase the number of women working in the IT industry and improve their working conditions. We help IT companies adapt their organizational culture to the needs and expectations of women.

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