ICT services as one of the pillars of Orange Polska’s business

Orange Polska has announced that it will strengthen its position as an ICT solutions integrator. It intends to grow this business by 10 percent a year – as announced in its new strategy.

Orange Polska announced a new strategy called Grow. It assumes, among other things, strong growth in the ICT and integration services business.

As announced, in the coming years, the operator will continue its strategy as a provider of solutions for enterprise transformation and strengthen its position as an integrator of digital business solutions.

Group companies will play a key role here: Integrated Solutions, BlueSoft and Craftware.

Orange expects ICT revenues to grow at an average annual rate of 10 percent through 2024.

In 2020, Orange’s revenues from ICT and integration services increased by 24 percent compared to 2019, to nearly PLN 1 billion.

The operator says it has invested billions of zlotys, including in the development of its fiber and mobile networks, as well as in new ICT competencies. These, together with the company’s deep internal transformation, will become the base on which Orange will build, it has been announced.

The company is also looking for acquisition opportunities in the ICT business. It is looking around for entities specializing in areas such as big data, artificial intelligence, analytics and cyber security.

5G will accelerate change in ICT

The company assumes that 5G technology will be the catalyst for the ICT market. It believes that enterprises will be the first to start taking advantage of its capabilities.

Orange Polska says it has completed its first deployments of mobile private networks operating in the 3.6 GHz frequencies targeted for 5G. By 2025. – together with its customers – plans to create 40 such networks.

Pillars of the Grow Orange Polska strategy
The operator’s new strategy is based on the following pillars: building value in the company’s core business, particularly in the context of fiber and convergence; creating new solutions for the business using the latest technologies such as 5G; and further transforming the company through digitalization and responsible management.

Source: Orange Poland