European research laboratories and institutions dealing with artificial intelligence (AI)

There have been some monumental achievements in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) over the past year. There are many exciting research labs and universities in Europe that are pushing the boundaries of AI, machine and deep learning, NLP and more. Below is a list of AI research labs and institutions to watch.

Uniwersytet Oksfordzki

Uniwersytet Oksfordzki w całej Europie prowadzi badania nad większością gałęzi przemysłu, a wszystko to w celu poprawy kondycji ludzkiej wykorzystujących sztuczną inteligencję. Oxford koncentruje się na zastosowaniu AI w opiece zdrowotnej, przyszłości pracy, zrównoważonym rozwoju i wielu innych.

IBM Research

With a strong business orientation, the IBM Research Lab is dedicated to improving outcomes for its clients and discovering possible areas of growth in IoT/Digital Twin, Privacy, and Cloud, among others. IBM AI Research, an affiliated group, also offers a toolkit designed to help identify, and ultimately remove, bias in artificial intelligence. You can access the toolkit here.

Technical University of Munich

The Technical University of Munich is an interdisciplinary higher education institution, mostly focusing on engineering, medicine, and applied and natural sciences. When it comes to AI, the Technical University of Munich focuses on the technological side, such as the use of AI in healthcareAI and self-driving cars, and so on.

PyMC Labs

PyMC Labs created PyMC3, the leading platform for statistical data science. The team launched a consultancy to turn their expertise into your advantage. With decades of experience in Bayesian modeling, they can come up with unique and impactful solutions to some of the most challenging business problems.

The Institute for Ethical AI & Machine Learning

Focused primarily on performing machine learning research, this lab aims to create only the most ethical and responsible machine learning systems. They build their own frameworks, such as the open-source AI-RFX Procurement Framework, which is a set of templates that were put together by domain experts to support industry practitioners looking to procure AI systems.

Walmart Labs

As the technology arm of Walmart, Walmart Labs focuses on artificial intelligence, improved customer experiences, and new technology designed for retail. Their research is broad, focusing on everything ranging from improving their online platform to working on robotics for in-person retail locations.

Bosch Center for AI

As the name may suggest, this institution focuses on AI, specifically in regards to applied AI in its use in improving our quality of life, automation, mobility, and consumer tech. In their research sector, their publications are both technical – focusing on the methods – as well as applied, focusing on the results and applications.

Max Planck Institute for Informatics

The Max Planck Institute for Informatics is a research institute in computer science with a focus on algorithms and their applications in a broad sense. Their research and publications cover nearly everything under the AI umbrella, such as computer vision and machine learningautomationalgorithms, and so on.

Luleå University of Technology

The Luleå University of Technology of Sweden covers countless aspects of modern and emerging technology. In regards to AI, they focus on applied AI, especially how it can improve our daily lives. Some recent unique work discusses how AI can create photo booksimprove mining, and investments.

University of Freiburg

As an institution focused on development, innovation, entrepreneurship, startups, and new initiatives, the University of Freiburg is also home to the Machine Learning Lab. A large focus of this lab is AutoML, aiming to “develop new state-of-the-art approaches and open-source tools for topics such as hyperparameter optimization, neural architecture search, and dynamic algorithm configuration.”