PENTAGON (KNIP) IT Research Group

The group has been working since 1993. Its main objective is to study new technologies by designing games. The group uses the Augmented Reality technology and 3D graphics to design an augmented reality application. Members of the group meet every Thursday at 8:00 PM in s111 laboratory in the IT Institute building.

.NET Group of the Lublin University of Technology

The primary focus of the group is on technologies developed by Microsoft, with whom the group closely cooperates. The group organises lectures on career in IT. It meets every Tuesday at 6:00 PM. At present, the group offers two training paths. One of them is a course, in C# programming for beginners. The second path
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NETSEC student research group

The object of NETSEC focuses on problems relating to administration, safety, and optimisation of computer networks based on various devices as well as on the use of networks in electrical power engineering.

MicroChip Electronic Engineers’ Research Group

MicroChip is addressed to students of the Lublin University of Technology who want to broaden their knowledge of designing electronic systems and microprocessor technique. The key project of this group aims at creating an ‘Orion’ mobile robot for the ERC 2015 competition.

KNSI WSPA IT Students’ Research Group

The group’s main objective is to broaden practical and theoretical knowledge as well as share experience and passions. Students do not stick only to typical IT fields, e.g. programming, systems, or computer networks and their derivatives, e.g. graphics, robotics and electronic engineering.

TOOLS & NUMERICS Student Research Group

The group is focused  particularly on designing and developing tool programming (interpreters, compilers, word processors) and numeric software. The circle developed e.g. a multiplatform modelling system for an 8-bit microcomputer (assembler, simulator, word processor).

WSEIX Students’ Research Group

The works of WSEIX involved preparation of a Ubuntu 14.04 LTS installation CD image, which is tailored to scientific and academic activities undertaken in this institution. A dedicated set of additional packages, a logo, and a set of wallpapers have been prepared. Consequently, WSEI Free has been created and installed in all laboratories.

FLEX Students’ Research Group

The FLEX circle focuses primarily on equipment-based issues, e.g. optimisation of use of specific subassemblies of computer hardware, in particular processors or organisation of local wireless connection.

Umcs.NET Group & IT Specialists Student Research Group

The UMCS groups create remarkable, coherent, and unbelievable society. Members of both groups meet every day and conceive up-to-date activities in accordance with the concept of making the world a better place. In this large society based on the vast range of activities, you will definitely find something for yourself.