EMBIQ with a new office

The IT company from Lublin conquers the western market. Expansion into the Austrian market is a continuation of the company’s previous development-oriented activities.

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For many months, there has been a plan to broaden positive and already vast experience gained on the Austrian market. IT company from Lublin conquers the western market. Expansion into the Austrian market is a continuation of the previous activities, many customers of Polish IT services are located in Graz. On the contrary, registration of the company in Austria does not mean that the company is leaving Poland. The Lublin team of programmers is still growing and the primary address of EMBIQ remains at 11a Wolska Street. At the moment, the Project Management Team is being formed in Austria at the new address.

Austria was a natural direction for EMBIQ to take. So far, we have worked with many clients from there, what is more, most of them are based in Graz. We want to be closer to our partners and, thanks to the positive experience, we believe that the Austrian market will surprise us with new opportunities – says Alexey Shabalovskiy, CEO of EMBIQ.

EMBIQ is an IT solution development services company empowering R&D teams and projects. Since 2009 we have participated in 300+ projects all around Europe and in the United States. Our IT services are delivered by a Team of nearly 50 experts. They are presenting high quality IT experience in full-stack services, including Concept support, Analytics, Design, Architecture, Software and Hardware Development, Automated and Manual Testing, Deployment, and further Maintenance. We are custom software development specialists but also partners and advisors.

EMBIQ is a member of Lublin IT Upland and Software Development Association Poland, actively involved in both business and academic life of Lublin. Although COVID has slightly changed its plan of action, some developers take part in open lectures or meetings for students to share their experiences and knowledge. In developing some of its projects, the company has cooperated with the Lublin University of Technology and the Medical University of Lublin.

The new office is located in the heart of Graz.
Address: Brückenkopfgasse 1, Graz
Tel: +43 316 231 000 55
Mail: graz@embiq.com