NCBiR has selected the AI Contact Center platform

The Information Point of the National Centre for Research and Development (NCBR) has recently been working on a new contact centre platform. Consultants serve innovators, entrepreneurs and scientists who are interested in EU funding or obtaining information on competitions and support programmes, also those financed from the state budget.

The main objective of implementing the contact centre platform was to streamline customer service processes, their standardisation, as well as increasing the quality of contact and measuring key indicators, including service satisfaction. It was equally important to redirect contacts to one place, which is the Information Point. Thanks to this, employees dealing with particular NCRD customers at further stages of project implementation would be able to devote more time to entities and projects with which they already cooperate. 

The AI Contact Centre platform, made available as a cloud-based service, handles incoming and outgoing traffic to which the e-mail and telephone channels have been incorporated in the first place. Among other things, a call back was launched, thanks to which a customer waiting in a queue can leave a request for a callback. Calls are recorded and stored in a repository so they can be easily listened to and evaluated. In the interest of service quality, customers are also surveyed after the call. Meanwhile, monitoring of key parameters is facilitated by dashboards. The service has three support lines, the first of which is responsible for direct contact with the customer. All e-mails, before they reach the consultants, “go through” the categoriser. Based on key words, it separates messages and sends them to the appropriate competence groups. It is possible to create a ticket from a telephone conversation. From an e-mail message, a ticket is automatically created and circulated.

Altar was responsible for the implementation of the AI Contact Centre Platform.