Maciej Maniecki: It is possible to achieve success in Lublin

Maciej Maniecki resigned from working Warsaw in favour of Lublin. He achieved success by working in the Lublin IT Upland.

In Poland it is believed that in order to achieve success in your career you should go to Warsaw. Maciej Maniecki did the opposite – he moved from Warsaw to Lublin, where he established his first company, Safo. It was one of the first companies in the IT sector in Lublin Region. Later, owing to his activities, Asseco Business Solutions, which is an easily recognisable company, opened its branch in Lublin.

Although experience of that time differs so much from the reality of modern times, it is a perfect source of inspiration for young people who just started their businesses. In reality, setting up a business was just the beginning, because the subsequent years were the biggest challenge due to a dynamically developing market and the growing number of rival companies. Nowadays, capital is present in the IT sector, i.e. something, which was difficult to obtain in the initial stages of the sector development in Poland. Owing to this capital, it is possible to capture a global market relatively quickly. In the past, a company had to operate several years in order to do that.

At present, Maciej Maniecki supports a dozen start-ups and he is a co-founder of many of them. Similar to a number of investors, he also believes in the mobile application market, which he thinks hasn’t been saturated yet. Moreover, it is booming. “IT will be omnipresent because it supports other fields, e.g. medicine,” says Maciej Maniecki. Today, novice entrepreneurs have far more opportunities, but the challenge which they face cannot be compared to the one that was taken up  one or two decades ago. “The bigger the challenge, the more fun you have,” adds Maciej.