Izabela Karkocha, Kodografia: The future of IT belongs to women

Companies established by women operate also in the Lublin IT Upland. One of such companies is Kodografia, set up by Iza Karkocha.

Iza leads a hectic life and divides her time between family commitments and professional obligations. During her mathematical studies, she came up with an idea for the future. The academic course which she took already proved that Iza was interested more in technical fields. When she was at the beginning of her career, the number of events related to the IT market in which she operates at the moment was much lower.

It has recently changed, also owing to her. Iza is a (co)organiser of multiple regular meetings, not only the local ones, e.g. LbnSocial, Czwartki Social Media or WordUp.

She admits that at the very beginning of her career she benefited from the project ‘Women in Business (Inicjatywa jest kobietą)’, which will be undertaken already for the fifth time in Lublin.

The beginnings, however, were not easy. The fact that she was a woman didn’t make things easier, although sometimes she was enthusiastically welcomed and her presence built up trust. This made her self-confident.

As she said in one of the interviews, the best ways for women to become more active are not only such projects as the aforementioned “Women in Business,” but also regular meetings with other players from the sector, e.g. during events.

“Before launching your own project you should estimate if you will be able to make your living from it. A reasonable selection of training courses and subsidies may be also a great chance. It is worth turning to somebody experienced for advice,” says Iza. In order to receive support, you can also go to one of business incubators, the City of Lublin or technology parks.

At a certain moment of life, Iza said “I will do what I enjoy to do” and developed her business to the stage in which she is satisfied with what she does.

All women fond of working in the IT sector can do what Iza did. At present, opportunities for success achieved by women are incomparably higher than a few years ago.