Rosiek Solutions

Business solutions

For 15 years, Rosiek Solutions has been supporting teams and executives to achieve greater efficiency and best results by implementing Agile.

We work with leaders in their industries including T-Mobile, UPC, Novo Nordisk, Reckitt Benckiser, McDonalds, ATOS. We were the first in Poland to receive the international Agile HR Certified Coach certificate.

We work only on the basis of reliable diagnoses of individuals and teams by conducting in-depth research. We use modern and proven diagnostic tools. We use simulation games which show in practice how to work in Agile and on specific Customer projects. We help to build cooperating teams, working courageously, in full openness and trust. We teach how to develop an organisational culture that puts people and clients at the centre, which brings surprising results. We introduce real, long-lasting and safe changes in teams by implementing Agile!