Cognimetrica Sp. z o.o.

DNA firmy Cognimetrica i głównym celem działań jest tworzenie zaawansowanych i kompletnych rozwiązań dla szeroko pojętego przemysłu w najprostszy możliwy sposób. Dostarczamy dedykowane produkty oparte na trzech głównych filarach: adaptywnej robotyzacji, detekcji optycznej (tzw. Widzenie Komputerowe) i skutecznym oprogramowaniu dla biznesu. Dodatkowe specjalizacje firmy: Production Automation, Robotic Senses, Smart City Solutions


Capgemini is an international company with offices in 40 countries and over 200,000 employees. We have been operating in Poland since 1996, currently employing over 7700 people, and our activity is focused on providing modern IT and business services.


Konica Minolta provides comprehensive support in managing IT infrastructure, optimising business processes in organisations. It supports document management in the office and offers advanced solutions for production and industrial printing.

Centralny Ośrodek Informatyki

There are some for whom the most important thing about creating digital services are people. There is a place where, thanks to technology, scattered institutions combine into simple, people friendly services – this is how Centralny Ośrodek Informaty implement projects for Ministry of Digitalization.


Lingaro is a professional services company helping Fortune Global 500 enterprises succeed in the digitized world. From raw data to smart insights and everything in between, Lingaro solutions cover all aspects of business information flows. We are a happy, diverse team of 1000+ leading experts and young talents excelling in the fields of data analytics,
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Capgemini is an international company present in 40 countries and hiring over 200 000 employees. We have been in Poland since 1996 and currently over 7 700 people work in our branches here. We are focused on delivering innovative business and IT services.


Zareklamy is a product where people from around the world can make money online without investing. The job is to watch ads, leave engagement: likes, subscribers or followers, write reviews, fill out surveys, create accounts, sign up to newsletters and more.


We believe that work should be engaging, not boring; exciting, not monotonous. That’s why we use full-stack Microsoft technology to free organizations of repetitive tasks. Proven frameworks allow us to guide businesses toward self-management. Our aim is always to let people focus on larger goals.

Star Technology

Star Technology has created dedicated internet applications since 2008. The major clients are medium-sized companies from various industries, and the created solutions cover a larger part of the company’s business processes. There are technologies of Virtual (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) applied.